Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
20 Feb 2019 - After the adoption of the new protocol TLS1.2 by Betfair (and the majority of companies) Ipposnif cannot login to Betfair when it is installed on an older version of Windows.
A new version, with a fix to this issue, is going to be released very soon.

Trade Lay



Trading Lay

Fixed Amount


Perform a trade on the selected horse with a entry bet of type Lay and an exit bet of type Back that hedges the current position five ticks above the entry level.
Trade can be started in two ways:
1) select a runner to place a lay bet with a liability of 10. The price is the best lay price at that moment.
2) click on the cell corresponding to the runner to bet of the column 'Input Lay' , and insert the price and size of the first bet. There you can cancel the first bet (and the trade) pressing the button 'Cancel'.
When the first bet is fully matched a second bet of type Back is automatically created.
The size of the second bet is the hedge size with 5 ticks of gain.
You can specify, foe every trade, a different hedge level for the second bet clicking on the cell corresponding to the runner in the column 'Input Back'.
You can update the price and size of unmatched bets in every moment, clicking on the cells 'Input Back' and 'Input Lay'.
If the current loss of the trade is greater than 5 ticks, the trade is immediately hedged at the best price available. The trade is hedged in any case 15 second at the start.