Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
20 Feb 2019 - After the adoption of the new protocol TLS1.2 by Betfair (and the majority of companies) Ipposnif cannot login to Betfair when it is installed on an older version of Windows.
A new version, with a fix to this issue, is going to be released very soon.

Program for Manual and Automatic Betting on the Betfair Exchange

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Screenshots  Videos Download Strategies
can be linked
to fast access
Bet can be placed
with one single click
Persistent runner note
and red/black stickers
Flexible hedge
at trade,
market level
Each strategy
has its own
logic, capital,
and accounting
of trigger
Strategy Autoreset

Large Set of Strategies...

 ...comes with the program. They cover a wide range of betting systems and they are a smart start for whoever wants to implement his own strategy. You can change the code of the existing strategies, or develop a new one.

Full Betting History

Ipposnif is a betting tool designed to keep a full history of your betting activity and make analisys of long period statistics without taking notes.

Azure Telemetry

Ipposnif can run on a small Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine (like the B1ms), and you can then monitor the program activity through Telemetry

Soccer Live Score

Ipposnif includes a free Score Service that covers the most important Soccer competitions from all over the world.
Strategies can use the score of a match as criteria for placing bets.

Ipposnif is Free!

No registration or payment needed.