What is Ipposnif

Ipposnif can be used like a fast manual betting tool, a programmable betting robot, or both.
Bets are organized in strategies. Conditions and amounts are defined using SQL.

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Large Set of Examples

Ipposnif comes with 32 ready-to-play strategies covering a wide range of manual and automatic betting systems. They are a smart start for whoever wants to implement his own.
Moreover, in the Ipposnif Forum, you can find ideas for new strategies and hints about their implementation.

Shared Strategies

Full Betting History

Ipposnif has been designed to keep a full history of the betting activity and make analisys of long period statistics. Strategies can be grouped together, to have cumulative statistics.


  • A structured logic of activation and connection of the bets will allow the development of every betting/trading strategy.
  • You can easily clone a strategy in multiple copies, each one working at a different price (or other criteria); a separate accounting of each strategy will show you which is the most profitable path.
  • Capital protection is guarantee by strategy bankroll, strategy daily stop loss/win limits, global daily stop/loss limits, maximum strategy and global liability.
  • The strategy's bankroll can be reset programmatically, allowing special progressions organized with rounds (like the Masaniello progression).
  • You can red/black flag a horse or stick a note to it, and schedule future strategy actions conditioned to them.
  • The Expression Watcher tool allows development and debug of complex strategies.

Live Betting Friendly

Strategies can be linked to hot buttons, and in-play markets can be refreshed exclusively.


Ipposnif can run on a small VPS. If you use Microsoft Azure, you will be able to monitor the activity of the VPS and Ipposnif through Telemetry.

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After the trial

There are three available subscriptions:
7 days = 4€
30 days = 9€
365 days = 85€

+18% VAT is added where applicable

*Bitcoin are accepted only for the 365 days subscription.