What is Ipposnif?

Ipposnif can be a manual betting tool, a programmable betting robot, or both.
Bets are organized in strategies. Conditions and amounts are defined using SQL.

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Large Set of Examples

The program comes with several ready-to-play strategies covering a wide range of manual, automatic and semi-automatic betting systems.
Moreover, on the Forum, you can find ideas for new strategies and their implementation.

Shared Strategies

Full Betting History

Ipposnif has been designed to keep a full history of the betting activity and to make long period analisys. Strategies can be grouped together, to have cumulative statistics.


  • A structured logic of activation and connection of the bets allows the implementation of every betting and trading strategy.
  • A strategy can be easily cloned in multiple copies, each one working at a different price or other criteria; a separate accounting of each strategy will show you which is the most profitable one.
  • Capital protection is guarantee by strategy bankroll and maximum liability, and by daily stop loss/win limits.
  • The strategy's bankroll can be reset programmatically, allowing special progressions organized with rounds (Masaniello).
  • You can tag a horse with a red/blue flag or stick a note to it, and schedule future strategy actions conditioned to them.
  • Strategies can be linked to hot buttons, and in-play markets can be refreshed exclusively.
  • Ipposnif can run on a small VPS and you can monitor the activity via telemetry.
  • The Expression Watcher tool allows development and debug of complex strategies.
  • Integrated client tipping service.

After the trial

There are three available subscriptions:
7 days: 4€
30 days: 9€
365 days: 85€

+18% VAT is added where applicable.

  • If your subscription is still active, the days of renewal will be added at the end of the current subscription.
  • If your subscription is expired, the days of renewal start from 00:00:01 AM of the current day.
  • With the same Betfair account, you can install Ipposnif on as many devices as you like.