Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation

The difference between a professional better and a gambler
is the will to apply a strategy to the bets

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  • With a structured logic of activation and connection of the bets, Ipposnif allows you to develop every kind of strategy. Be it punting or trading, manual or automatic.
  • Strategies are coded in XML, a block of clear text that can be easily shared between your friends.

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  • An advanced user interface will provide you with a complete breakdown of markets, runners and bets.

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  • You can maintain horse notes, flag the horses or set up custom values for each race-horse-strategy combination.

Horse Racing dedicated

Ipposnif is a program designed to play on the Betfair Horse Racing markets, but can also be used to play on Soccer and all the other sports

15 Strategies ready to play

Ipposnif is shared with a set of strategies that cover a wide range of betting techniques. They are a smart start for whoever wants to create a new strategy