Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
Horse Snif

  • Manual Betting Utility For The Betfair Markets
  • Advanced player interface.  Screenshots
  • Strategies can be linked to fast access buttons.
  • Bet can be placed with one single click.
  • Persistent runner note and red/black stickers.
  • Flexible hedge at trade, runner, market level.
  • Programmable Betting Robot And Scheduler
  • Each strategy has its own logic, capital, and accounting.
  • Can run as many strategies as your hardware can handle.
  • Structured logic of activation and connection of the bets.
  • Large selection of trigger variables.
  • Strategy Autoreset.

Large Set of Strategies...

 ...comes with the program. They cover a wide range of betting systems and they are a smart start for whoever wants a profitable approach to betting.

Full Betting History

Ipposnif is a betting tool designed to keep a full history of your betting activity and make analisys of long period statistics without taking notes.

Soccer Live Score

Ipposnif includes a Score Service that covers the most important Soccer competitions from all over the world.
Strategies can use the score of a match as criteria for placing bets.

Azure Telemetry

Running Ipposnif on a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine, you can monitor the program activity through Telemetry

What Is Betfair?

This site requires that you have a basic knowledge on how Betfair works.
If not, you can read this intro to Betfair and the exchange betting.

Ipposnif is Free!!

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