What is Ipposnif?

With Ipposnif you can automate your betting and trading activity, save time, and potentially increase your profitability.
Bets are organized in strategies. Conditions and amounts are defined using SQL.

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Large Set of Examples

The program comes with several ready-to-play strategies covering a wide range of manual, automatic and semi-automatic betting systems.

List of example strategies

Full Betting History

Ipposnif is designed to maintain a complete history of betting activity and facilitate long-term analysis. Strategies can be grouped together to provide cumulative statistics.


  • With a structured logic of activation and connection of bets, every kind of betting and trading strategy can be implemented.
  • It's easy to create multiple copies of a strategy, each one operating at a different price point or using different criteria.
  • Capital protection is guaranteed by the strategy's bankroll and maximum liability, as well as daily stop loss and win limits.
  • The strategy's bankroll can be reset programmatically, which allows special progressions organized in rounds (such as Masaniello).
  • You can apply a red or blue flag to a horse and schedule betting actions based on these tags.
  • The program is capable of running on a small VPS, and its activity can be monitored through telemetry.
  • The Expression Watcher tool is a feature that enables users to develop and debug complex strategies.


Three subscription options are available:
7 days: 4€
30 days: 9€
365 days: 85€

+18% VAT is added where applicable.

  • The subscription period starts at 00:00:01 AM on the day of subscription purchase.
  • If your subscription is still active, the days of renewal will be added at the end of the current subscription.
  • With the same Betfair account, you can install Ipposnif on as many devices as you like.