Release3.11.17    download
Date2 Feb 2024
StatusApproved by Betfair
Description  In addition to day, month, and year, the P&L statistics can now be grouped using 26 new tags, including racetrack, runner price, fav price, distance, etc.
  • [DEV] Statistics by tag
  • [DEV] On the start-up clean the silk images older than 25 days.
  • [BUG] On the first hours of every new month, a cleaning task deletes the markets downloaded before the date.

  • Release3.10.13    download
    Date25 Jan 2024
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Added Labouchere SQL function, strategies and monitor. Removed a critical bug on the update of partial matched bets.
  • [DEV] Labouchere function
  • [DEV] Labouchere strategies for GH and HR
  • [DEV] Labouchere monitor
  • [DEV] Auto-abandon markets functionality always on. It can be disabled from the .ini.
  • [DEV] New reset gui position functionality, accesible from the main menu.
  • [DEV] Importation from previous installation of gui positions and grid columns.
  • [BUG] When a partial matched bet is updated, the requested size could be wrongly set to the original size.
  • [BUG] Removed glitch on the race start timer.
  • [BUG] The field competition of trades, now it is recorded also if the market is not the parent one.
  • [BUG] Tips with a TipType>2 show a wrong icon.
  • [BUG] Removed incompatibilities in the export to CSV of races and trades.
  • [BUG] If the market is in play don’t update persistence (bets below min)

  • Release3.9.32    download
    Date14 Dec 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  The previous release was not code-signed.

    Date6 Dec 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  A previous release change contains a bug
    • [DEV] closed markets which has been added with a date in the remote future are not cancelled.
    • [BUG] The greyhound distance parser, added last release, contains a bug.

    Date4 Dec 2023
    Description  A few fixes.
    • [DEV] Added distance property to greyhound races.
    • [BUG] The competition, for greyhounds, is not showing in the trade report.

    Release3.9.28    download
    Date24 Oct 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Updated the URL for downloading silks that will change on 3 Dec 2023.
    • [DEV] In the runners grid, to have congruent data every refresh, now the P&L of the focused race is calculated syncronously with the prices download.
    • [DEV] Wrong offset prices are now rounded to the next valid one.
    • [DEV] Updated the URL of the silks.

    Release3.9.25    download
    Date12 Sep 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Critical bug found in the new compilation process, which doesn't always point out eventual SQL errors.
    • [BUG] Reinstated the correct compilation parameter.

    Release3.9.16    download
    Date22 Aug 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Refactored the compiler logic to point out sql errors not directly related to the last edited strategy. The user's custom functions and procedures can be executed automatically on every new version install.
    • [DEV] Before the final compilation, each strategy is compiled alone to a dummy procedure.
    • [DEV] Added a progress-bar to the compilation process.
    • [DEV] The strategy's daily Total P&L amount now shows all the bets from all the rounds and not only the last one.
    • [DEV] Added new variable @num_round.
    • [DEV] Added two new properties to the function fn_StrategyProperty: winning_rounds and losing_rounds.
    • [DEV] Added two new properties to the function fn_RaceProperty: lowest_price and greatest_price.
    • [DEV] Added two new properties to the function fn_RaceHorseProperty: min_matched_price_ip and max_matched_price_ip.
    • [DEV] ExtraSQL.txt file will contain the user's custom functions and procedures, which are executed after every fresh install.
    • [BUG] A double-click instead of a single-click on the compile button hangs the program.

    Release3.8.38    download
    Date16 Jun 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    • [DEV] The Total P&L amount showed in the main screen will not include anymore the profit from the unsettled markets.
    • [BUG] Bug still present in some edge cases: sometimes, when the Options are saved, the program shows the start splash screen that cannot be closed.

    Release3.8.37    download
    Date11 May 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    • [BUG] Sometimes, when the Options are saved, the program shows the start splash screen that cannot be closed.

    Release3.8.36    download
    Date4 Apr 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed a few bugs found over the last months.
    • [DEV] During startup force running of IpposnifSql2016Instance.
    • [BUG] After the day changes, the eventual stop loss/win alerts are not automatically hidden.
    • [BUG] Variable @is_previous_matched_bet_present is not working if the previous bet is matched during an update.

    Release3.8.23    download
    Date19 Jan 2023
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Added NEAR SP prices. Added a new variable to exclude/hedge any selections different from the oldest matched in the same market. A few bugs removed.
    • [DEV] Added new variable @is_previous_matched_bet_present.
    • [DEV] Added Near SP prices. They are saved to the column BSP before the start and replaced at the start with the final BSP.
    • [DEV] Improved the memory management of the strategy configuration panel.
    • [BUG] In the strategy's configuration panel, if the price for bet 1 is defined using an SQL expression, such expression will be erased if on another bet the user changes the price criteria.
    • [BUG] Setup fails to set an API configuration different from the default.
    • [BUG] After the day changes, the focus is not set to the first race of the new day.
    • [BUG] The program cannot correctly exit, if there are open strategy configuration panels.
    • [BUG] After a new install with import, the daily_task_1 is repeated and sets to zero the strategies' daily profit.

    Release3.8.3    download
    Date15 Dec 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Full review and re-testing of all the shared strategies. Added a new yellow flag to identify a second set of tips.
    • [DEV] Refactoring of the tip import procedure
    • [DEV] New function and new strategy for dutching a subset of runners. It replaces the Hedge The Field strategy.
    • [DEV] Improved the help of the strategies, variables and functions.
    • [DEV] Intelligent Save button in the options.
    • [DEV] If the strategy linked to a hot button can play only on one Market Type, that Market Type will be shown if the button is pressed.
    • [BUG] Yankee strategies sometimes reset before time.
    • [BUG] Calendar 'Next Evnt' button skips one day of events.
    • [BUG] Strategy's properties 'today_trades' and 'today_winning_trades' always return zero.
    • [BUG] After a reset the market checkbox is not cleared.
    • [BUG] Sometimes, after the main window resize, the text search frame disappears if it was open.
    • [BUG] A few edge cases were not considered in the Invalid Profit Ratio adjustment.

    Release3.7.29    download
    Date18 Oct 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Review of all the sports download, added missing icons and default market types.
    • [BUG] Some sports are not correctly downloaded (for ex. ice hockey).
    • [BUG] During setup, the 'create new db' options is not working if there is a previous installation.

    Release3.7.22    download
    Date9 Sep 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Updated the silks' download URL to the new one. A few bugs fixed.
    • [DEV] Added new strategy: Schedule - BACK My Selections With Stake
    • [DEV] Added new strategy: Schedule - Custom Progression
    • [DEV] Added new strategy: Tips - BACK
    • [DEV] Refactored strategy: Tips - LAY
    • [DEV] Updated the silks' download URL to the new one.
    • [BUG] On some shared strategies the number of bets per trade cannot be extended because the Order Type criteria fails to save on the missing xml tag.
    • [BUG] If a comma is present in the name of the selection, the tip is not imported.

    Release3.7.21    download
    Date1 Aug 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  New more friendly setup. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] Partial refactoring of the Setup. New recap step at the end of the wizard. Importation from a source different from the default one, is now correctly managed.
    • [BUG] function fn_CustomProgression is not working with option row of losses ('l').
    • [BUG] When the option 'last market type priority' is ON, the race/match name above the runner grid is not updated.

    Release3.7.20    download
    Date18 Jul 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Some improvements to the Client Tipping Service. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] Added the green tip flag to the market type selector.
    • [BUG] The unload of the strategy configuration edit panel doesn't destroy the related hidden variable, and the user can open only a limited number of panels before the strategies window hangs.
    • [BUG] The tipping service is not working on some secondary markets.
    • [BUG] After a horse retirement, the pending bets of the related race cannot be updated/deleted.

    Release3.7.9    download
    Date25 May 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Some new functionalities. Minor graphical changes. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] Added option to list trades by strategy group.
    • [DEV] Group statistics by nothing (return all trades from all years).
    • [DEV] Added new variables @sex and @distance.
    • [DEV] Added column distance in the events grid.
    • [BUG] After a recent change, silks background-color is not correctly managed for US races and all greyhounds races.
    • [BUG] The recently added 'list trades by group of strategies' doesn't show all the columns.
    • [BUG] New silks background-color is not correctly managed.
    • [BUG] The recently added strategy 'Tips - Masa LAY 2/4 @5' has a wrong Size formula.
    • [BUG] Lower and greater symbols are not correctly managed in SQL Criteria of Runner Filters.
    • [BUG] Expression watcher has a bug in PlacePrice.

    Release3.6.27    download
    Date13 Apr 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  New client tipping service. Some adjustments to the options window. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] All the example strategies have been reviewed and re-tested. Also their help has been updated.
    • [DEV] Integration with an external tipping service.
    • [DEV] Some visualization options added.
    • [DEV] Some graphic changes.
    • [DEV] Updated the Betfair table of the minimum stake and minimum BSP stake by currency.
    • [DEV] Added a simple helper to the main form for new users.
    • [BUG] The strategy option 'Bet Size = Net Win' can be in logical conflict with the criteria 'Size Offset Min'. Now this option is applied also to the offset formula after they have been calculated.
    • [BUG] The recently added options 'Distinct Sport Selection' and 'SP Persistence Priority' are not working properly.
    • [BUG] Bet size adjustment in case of 'Invalid profit ratio' is wrong.
    • [BUG] Manual single trade hedge doesn't work if the trade's market is different from the current one.
    • [BUG] After a new setup with import, some of the imported settings are not loaded untill the next restart.

    Release3.5.9    download
    Date20 Jan 2022
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Easier way to search for runners/jockeys/etc.. Added BSP column and variable. Reinstated the Code Sign. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] New option to keep the last selected market type when switching between different events. Default is yes.
    • [DEV] Cancelled trades and bets are removed from the db after 60 hours.
    • [DEV] New text search frame.
    • [DEV] Added Betfair Starting Price (BSP).
    • [DEV] Reinstated the Code Sign for the setup file and the executable.
    • [DEV] Two new XLS formats for importing HR and Soccer tips.
    • [BUG] When an umnatched bet, that has got its price updated one or more times, remains lapsed, then it cannot be accounted and hangs the strategy.
    • [BUG] Strategies Auto - Yankee*5 Win BACK e Auto - Yankee*5 Place BACK work with combinations of 4 instead of 5.
    • [BUG] PLACE markets with more than 3 winners cannot receive bets if an overround condition is specified.
    • [BUG] If an hot button with no label is selected, the hedge frame is not working.
    • [BUG] Reset of strategy trigs sound for winning event, if sound is active.
    • [BUG] After importation from the previous version, the API configuration is always set to default.

    Release3.4.87    download  (not digitally signed)
    Date22 Nov 2021
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed bugs found on the previous release.
    • [BUG] Wrong url of the Help links

    Release3.4.77    download
    Date6 Sep 2021
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  User has now the option to import data from the previous installation. Stop Loss/Stop Win alerts. Selection of the whole event, to allow betting from different strategies on different market types with a single check. New design for the betting frames. Bug fixing.
    • [DEV] Importation from an excel file of a set of selections (match names).
    • [DEV] Context command to copy the event name to the clipboard.
    • [DEV] Added variable @is_event_selected.
    • [DEV] Added alert labels for daily stop loss/win and strategy stop loss/win.
    • [DEV] Max daily stop loss and max total liability options are now inserted as positive values.
    • [DEV] New setup query page to import data from a previous installation.
    • [DEV] Added variables @id_favorite_[1-6]
    • [DEV] New BS2021 function fn_BSBetSize.
    • [DEV] Help update.
    • [DEV] Added option "Download all actual/new markets" in Markets Download.
    • [DEV] Added .ini option to disable the free-hand strategy.
    • [DEV] Hot buttons for the Hedge frame working with fixed price or stake %. Options to move the hot buttons on top of the frame.
    • [BUG] Update of a bet, changing both price and size, fails.
    • [DEV] Multiple istances of the trade log window.
    • [BUG] On an event, when a market has bets and another has only deleted bets, the liability shown in the Markets Grid is wrong.
    • [BUG] Validation of a new strategy fails if the Order Type is SP.
    • [BUG] Search does not look into event names.
    • [BUG] An empty hot button selects a wrong strategy.
    • [BUG] Both Fill Or Kill criteria don't work if a Delete Condition is not defined.
    • [BUG] Early wrong in-play status change from BF, is not correctly managed.

    Release3.3.40    download
    Date11 Mar 2021
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Added some new functionalities, fixed bugs found on the previous release.
    • [DEV] User can change the persistence of a bet after it has been created.
    • [DEV] The missing order types LimitOnCloseOrder and MarketOnCloseOrder have been added.
    • [DEV] Added the new variable @event_name.
    • [DEV] Several graphical adjustments.
    • [DEV] Custom input value has now its own dedicated frame.
    • [DEV] Added the strategy property 'Group Name' to allow cumulative statistics on multiple strategies.
    • [DEV] Now Ipposnif can work using a proxy server with authentication.
    • [DEV] Integration with the Massimo Tamburini forecasts system BS2021. Added two new strategies to the default Ipposnif set.
    • [DEV] Added the new variable @last_unsettled_trade_profit.
    • [DEV] Setup: User can choose the starting API configuration and the SQL Server allocated memory. Added a new VPS configuration.
    • [DEV] Setup: all the dependencies are now included in the setup package and not anymore downloaded.
    • [DEV] The strategy properties Capital, Max Liability, Day Stop Loss, Day Stop Win, can now be an SQL expression
    • [BUG] At the change of the day, the focus is set to the wrong market.
    • [BUG] On exit of a new strategy, there is no save confirmation message.
    • [BUG] For small bet sizes, if the LAY price is lower than the allowed price, INVALID_PROFIT_RATIO is thrown.
    • [BUG] Bet under minimum size, remained matched at 1000/1 during the pivot process, are not accounted.
    • [BUG] When on a market there are bets from different strategies, and one or more strategies have only deleted bets, the liability of them is not set to zero.
    • [BUG] If the filter "With bets" is ON, the auto-focus to the next race is not working.
    • [BUG] The strategy criteria "Order By" is not working when the order is descending.
    • [BUG] Liability of the race-strategy is wrongly set to zero when the procedure is called passing id_strategy<>0.

    Release3.2.7    download
    Date18 Jan 2021
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed a critical bug added to the previous release. Some installations fail due to a missing reboot.
    • [DEV] If the setup of a dependency requires manual reboot, a proper message is shown.
    • [DEV] If there is only one downloaded sport, the sport filter button is hidden.
    • [BUG] An error in cursors management prevents the correct placement of multiple, manual triggered, bets. Strategies like 'Lay the field' or 'Hedge the field' are directly affected by this bug. Also automatic strategies that place simultaneous bets are slowed down.
    • [BUG] In the function 'dbo.fn_TradeProperty', the property 'lay_avg_price' returns a wrong value.

    Date29 Dec 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Tuning existing variables and adding missing ones. Fixed bugs found in the previous release.
    • [DEV] Updated the SQL Server OLE DB Driver, from version 18.2 to version 18.5.
    • [DEV] When a setup fails, also the dependency log is sent to the author (subject to user authorization).
    • [DEV] Ipposnif can now access Excel sheets without the user has to run configuration commands.
    • [DEV] Added the new variables @position_[min].
    • [DEV] New program option "Leave Out Open Trades" for transactions limiting.
    • [DEV] New strategy option "Deleted Trades Are Counted" which replaces the option "Repeat Lapsed Bets".
    • [DEV] Increased the number of intervals for the variable @price_[min].
    • [DEV] In the main toolbar, added a button to open the System Monitor tool.
    • [DEV] Optimization of the most called procedure sp_parse_listMarketBook.
    • [DEV] New variables @bf_market_id and @bf_selection_id.
    • [DEV] New properties 'last_bet_id_horse' and 'last_bet_price' added to the function dbo.fn_StrategyProperty.
    • [BUG] Property 'seconds_in_play' in function fn_RaceProperty returns a wrong value.
    • [BUG] Delete condition, when present, is linked to Fill or Kill conditions with AND but it should be linked with OR.
    • [BUG] The strategy betting time range, when related only to in-play markets, doesn't work.
    • [BUG] In the runners grid, order by TAM doesn't work.
    • [BUG] In the runners grid, order by price works using the current price and not the last price.
    • [BUG] The option "Max Transactions Hour" is not working.
    • [BUG] Prices for bets with position>1, defined with an SQL expression, can return a wrong value.
    • [BUG] Variable @runners doesn't work
    • [BUG] Variable @entry_bet_matched_size is missing

    Date4 Dec 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed bugs found in the previous release.
    • [DEV] Added the new variable @last_check_bet_seconds that returns the number of seconds elapsed from the last status change of the previous bet in the same strategy.
    • [BUG] The reset functionality doesn't work correctly when applied to the D'Alembert progression.
    • [BUG] The variable @historical_net_profit and the related property in function fn_StrategyProperty, return the gross profit instead of the net profit.
    • [BUG] The variables @balance and @bfliability are missing.
    • [BUG] Overround BACK/LAY is not correctly equalized for market types with more than one winner.
    • [BUG] Bets under minimum, placed at 1000/1 price, are not checked from the listCurrentOrders API, and they remain in a pending status even if they are matched.

    Date19 Oct 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Some critical bottlenecks have been removed and now Ipposnif can run smoothly on a small machine (like the B2s Azure VM). Fixed bugs found on the previous release. Completed the review of the Help.
    • [DEV] In the setup, added check for the presence of a previous installation with the same version.
    • [DEV] Removed inconsistency between the SQL decimal separator (.) and an eventual different separator of the user. Now all the strategy input fields can accept only the dot separator.
    • [DEV] Added API option max_checked_markets to limit the number of markets checked for betting conditions at the same time.
    • [DEV] Optimized the numer of calls to the procedures sp_CalcReturns and sp_BookRace.
    • [BUG] In the strategy criteria "LINK TO STRATEGY" some conditions ("Market PL Greater Than", "Market PL Less Than", "Market Total Trades =", "Market Matched Trades =") are not working properly.
    • [BUG] Rarely, immediately after a market goes in-play, Betfair returns a false information about the status of a bet: it is not present in the list of matched/unmatched bets. Ipposnif, in these cases, erroneously marks the bet as LAPSED even if it has persistence PERSIST or MARKET_ON_CLOSE.
    • [BUG] Sometimes, on slow computers (like Azure VMs) the accounting of the parent event is performed before all the bets have been settled. This could produce a missed accounting of one or more trades that remain with P&L=0.
    • [BUG] In the setup, Markets Download and Import Strategies options don't work when different from default.
    • [BUG] On slow machines (like VMs), with several strategies running at the same time, the number of refreshed markets can be greater than the number of processed ones; in this case, after a while, the bet trigger functionality stops working.
    • [BUG] The cyclic listMarketCatalogue API call is performed also on CLOSED markets.
    • [BUG] Global variables accept only integer values.
    • [BUG] Abandoned and excluded markets are not filtered out.
    • [BUG] Liability sent to telemetry has wrong sign.

    Date18 Sep 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed bugs found on the previous major release. Review of the help to fix typo errors.
    • [DEV] Extended the precision of the variables to six decimals. Bet Size, Size Offset Min and Size Offset Max are not affected by this change and they return always a number with 2 decimals.
    • [DEV] Updated the default competition download configuration for Soccer and Tennis, to reflect new tournaments.
    • [DEV] Implemented the missing API updateOrders, to temporary change to LAPSE during the placement process, the persistence of under minimum size bets.
    • [DEV] Few adjustments to the options window.
    • [BUG] If the user inserts a formula with an error (for example a missing variable or a missing bracket) in one of the SQL fields, the strategy parser doesn't advise the user and produces a partial/wrong compilation of the conditions. Fixed bug on the SQL error control flow. Added brackets validation to all the SQL expression/assertion fields.
    • [BUG] In some regions the currency symbol is not correctly displayed. Changed the related fields type from varchar to nvarchar.
    • [BUG] Fixed bug in the @weight variable.
    • [BUG] When the option "Distinct P&L By Strategy" is OFF the user input is not correctly shown.
    • [BUG] When the option "Distinct P&L By Strategy" is changed the main window is not refreshed.
    • [BUG] If the market goes in-play during the placement of a bet under the minimum size with persistence PERSIST o MARKET_ON_CLOSE, the bet is placed with the whole size.
    • [BUG] If the user, from the options, adds all the available competitions of a sport (like Soccer) to the market download configuration, when he clicks the save button, the main screen remains stuck for several seconds in the attempt to refresh the events grid.

    Date2 Sep 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed issues, experienced by some users, during setup of version 3.0.150
    • [BUG] the registry key used to check the presence in the system of SQL Server 2016, wrongly points to SQL Server 2019.

    Date26 Aug 2020
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Unification of all the strategies, manual and automatic, under one common template. Refactoring of the core procedures. Some usability improvements.
    • [DEV] The strategy configuration panel has been refactored from scratch. New parameters for the configuration of manual input strategies, have been added. Every trade can contain till 20 bets, each one with its own trigger condition and properties. Refactored the strategy parsing logic. Refactored the bet throttling logic. Removed tens of database fields not anymore in use.
    • [DEV] Now the strategy configuration panel can be scrolled using the mouse wheel. This option can be activated from the .ini, default is OFF.
    • [DEV] Missing tag in the xml file of the strategy, now are automatically added during edit. This, will make the strategy code, compatible with future Ipposnif versions.
    • [DEV] The 'filter by country' toolbar now shows only the countries with at least one event.
    • [DEV] New API option for in-play bettors: skip any api call different from the focused market, when in-play. One queue of the Service Broker is now dedicated to refresh the focused market.
    • [DEV] In the help, variables and functions have been grouped in two single pages to increase readability and maintainability.
    • [DEV] Refactored program settings to work with integer and decimal type. Removed hundreds of conversions from string to number.
    • [DEV] Silk images with a size different from the standard, are resized during download.
    • [DEV] Refactored the main window runners view, to improve speed and to reduce the computation effort.
    • [DEV] Porting of all the example strategies code to the new version.
    • [DEV] Added optional sound for market going in-play.
    • [DEV] User is adviced when he tries to place bets with an inactive strategy.
    • [DEV] Runner total amount matched now is split between pre-race and in-play.
    • [DEV] Search Markets functionality now can exclusively search among runners, jockeys, trainers or owners names.
    • [DEV] Added option to include Liability into the Balance.
    • [DEV] Management of the Betfair newly introduced error INVALID_PROFIT_RATIO.
    • [DEV] Updated the url for the Betfair charts download.
    • [BUG] Events, with only cancelled bets, are not accounted.
    • [BUG] In active markets, the event liability is not set to zero when all the bets are cancelled.
    • [BUG] The computation of the average odd of the strategy, sometimes is wrong.
    • [BUG] Sometimes the reset functionality is called twice at the same time, and this concurrency produces a wrong accounting of the strategy reset. All the reset logic has been reviewed.
    • [BUG] Silks images are not downloaded if the program is installed on a drive different from c:\
    • [BUG] The main form gets an unwanted focus if refreshed from another form (for ex. after strategy save)
    • [BUG] The strategy reset doesn't subtract trades count and winning trades count from the totals.
    • [BUG] In main window trades, liability on market closed is wrong.
    • [BUG] Pedigree is truncated if it exceeds 50 chars.
    • [BUG] Sometimes, due a concurrency of BookRace processes, the runner p&l is set to zero after the race is settled.

    Date2 Oct 2019
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Tuning, bugs removal. Few new functionalities.
    • [DEV] Added sounds for bet placement and for event win over a certain amount.
    • [DEV] Added option to show all the trades of the selected event in the bottom frame. This new option has been set as default.
    • [DEV] Refactored the setup to allow the user to select the installation directory.
    • [DEV] Completed the conversion to native JSON of all the parsing procedures.
    • [DEV] Completed the automation of the deployment of new Ipposnif releases.
    • [DEV] Refactored the strategy 'Manual - Trading' to accept back and lay trades within the same strategy. Option for greening-up or not the hedge.
    • [DEV] Splitted the column "Winner Name and Price" in three different columns: winner number, winner name and winner price. This will allow the user to order the columns.
    • [DEV] Added ordering criteria by TAM.
    • [BUG] Process 'record_cleaning_3' and 'record_cleaning_4' are recorded as false negative.
    • [BUG] The list of available days in the calendar bar sometimes is not updated.
    • [BUG] In expression watcher, all the custom expressions return the same value.
    • [BUG] The calculation of the liability is wrong for markets with more than one winner (place markets).
    • [BUG] If the secondary market has bet and it is closed before the parent market without bet, the event is never booked.
    • [BUG] Winner name and price sometime are not downloaded.

    Date18 Jun 2019
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Big and small fixes to the previous major version. Added historical prices at fixed intervals.
    • [DEV] Ipposnif setup is detected by few AntiVirus programs like a threat. This false positive detection has been solved renaming the Innosetup project from Ipposnif to IPPOSNIF.
    • [DEV] Upgrade of the setup script to the version 6 of Innosetup.
    • [DEV] Changed the deprecated data provider SQL Server Native Client (SQLNCLI) to the new Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL).
    • [DEV] Refresh of the markets window is not anymore forced immediately after options edit or strategy edit.
    • [DEV] During manual hedge, if on the horse there is a single trade, the hedge is performed within the trade. In all the other cases, the hedge is perfomed creating a new trade.
    • [DEV] Added in the setup, the check for 64 bit version of Windows.
    • [DEV] Added historical prices with 11 pick up periods: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 120, 180 minutes at the start of the event. Created the related variables to retrieve their values.
    • [DEV] Added criteria "Only Markets That Will Go In-Play".
    • [BUG] Uninstall cannot drop the database.
    • [BUG] Automatic strategy trades, that are hedged manually, remains open and can allow a second unwanted hedge.
    • [BUG] Bets that are partially matched during in-play reconciliation, cannot be hedged.
    • [BUG] The market filters don't work in the specific combination: all statuses off, with bets.
    • [BUG] Custom expressions are not correctly computed in the Expression Watcher tool.
    • [BUG] When the racecourse name is provided later than the market, it is never updated and remains blank.
    • [BUG] Strategy criteria "Trades per Market" when option "Multiple Trades and Runners" is selected, allows betting on a wrong number of runners (-1).
    • [BUG] Filter 'Next Mkts' and 'All Mkts' don't work on Windows 10 (due different upper bound limit in DateTime values).

    Date8 May 2019
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  All the strategies (betting, trading and scheduling), now share the same base structure, and they differ only for the configuration parameters. The special category 'Manual', has been created for the native strategies that access special input controls.
    There is no need anymore to edit the code of the strategies, because all the current functionalities have been moved to the configuration panel. The programmability has been maintained through SQL input fields in the panel. It is possible to open more configuration panels at the same time, making easier to copy and compare properties between the strategies.
    Using a new dynamic SQL function, the speed of the place bet throttle has been dramatically improved (15-20 times faster) as well the overall speed and stability of the system. Now Ipposnif, on a quadcore CPU, can run more than one hundred strategies at the same time!
    • [DEV] Refactored the strategy configuration panel. It is not anymore modal, and can be opened multiple times for different strategies.
    • [DEV] Removed the access to the code editor, accessible now only after setting an option from the .ini file.
    • [DEV] Dynamic creation of the function that check the bet placement conditions and the sql expressions.
    • [DEV] Changed to asyncronous the record cleaning process.
    • [DEV] Increased the refresh rate of the runner grid without affecting the performances.
    • [DEV] Refactored the strategies provided with the program.
    • [BUG] In the Monitor Tool the button 'UI Log' hangs the program when clicked.
    • [BUG] Some MarketName information are missing.
    • [BUG] Input back/lay textboxes of the runners interfere across the strategies
    • [BUG] Login info and personal data inserted by the user during the first run doesn't support ISO characters.

    Date21 Feb 2019
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  Fixed the WinHTTP secure layer protocol for the older windows versions. The RO and SE endpoints have been added.
    • [DEV] Changed the web request object of the login from MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 to MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0
    • [DEV] Refactored the login from "Betfair embedded login page" to "Interactive Login".
    • [DEV] Changed to TLS1.2 the SSL protocol of the web request component.
    • [DEV] Removed unused forms and fonts.
    • [DEV] Added the available end points.
    • [DEV] Memory of the last focused horse, change of defaults, new highlights for markets status.
    • [BUG] Fixed the json parsing to correctly retrieve the property "RaceType".

    Date28 Jan 2019
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    Description  New view of the markets grouped by event. New selector for the market types. Several usability changes. Tuning and bug fixing.
    • [DEV] The Left frame of the main window now shows the events instead of the markets; P&L, Liability and Fees are grouped by event. The different market types can be selected using a dedicated toolbar.
    • [DEV] Refactored the right toolbar above the runners.
    • [DEV] Refactored the markets download options.
    • [DEV] Improved the performance of the two most called store procedures using a better log management. The speed of the whole system has been increased more than 20%.
    • [DEV] Now in the Strategies Window, the counting and the accounting of the trades is done only for settled bets.
    • [DEV] Now the score of a soccer match is saved to the trade and kept until an hard reset of the strategy.
    • [DEV] Auto adjustable selection toolbar of the left frame.
    • [DEV] Added the filter 'Only with bets' in the selection toolbar of the left frame.
    • [DEV] Refactored the SB Conversation Handles Manager. This reduces the used disk space and memory.
    • [DEV] Ultimated the conversion of the store procedures to native json parsing.
    • [BUG] During the first setup of the Service Broker there is a wrong cast that leads to failure some installations.
    • [BUG] The size of the bet in some strategies is not converted to a correct decimal number and produces an error when is greater than 10.
    • [BUG] The scrollbar of the configuration frame in the strategies window is not shown correctly.
    • [BUG] Some validation checks of the strategy compilation have been removed because they were unconsistent.

    Date26 Oct 2018
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    DescriptionThis version has been signed with Fabrizio Ranieri Comodo Sign Certificate 2018. Inverted the logic of the filtering toolbar. Added a Masaniello calculator. Few bugs fixed.
    • [DEV] Masaniello calculator at fixed odd with a maximum of 20 events.
    • [DEV] Changed the selection logic of the filters toolbar in the markets grid
    • [DEV] Moved to Innosetup script the whoami command.
    • [DEV] The log is sent to in case of critical error during first run.
    • [BUG] After the import of a new strategy, if it has not been activated, it cannot be linked to a hot button
    • [BUG] In fun_tbl_HorseSelection the props favourite_by_odd and favourite_by_odd_desc are calculated on the best back price instead of last price
    • [BUG] The properties sql_expression2 and sql_expression3 cannot be edited in some strategies due missing tags
    • [BUG] The Masaniello progression reset itself repeatedly, if the last bet is partially unmatched
    • [BUG] After market status change the variables for the overround back/lay are updated with delay
    • [BUG] The Score above the runners list is not refreshed correctly

    Date6 Sep 2018
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    DescriptionThere are numerous changes in this version and they affect almost all the parts of the program. The biggest ones are: new properties layer to configure the strategies without editing the code, new license issuing process, live score service, revisited and refined most of the betting and accounting process, native json parsing of the web responses, several usability and graphical changes, new log. The live score service has been boosted and a dedicated .netcore service application has been deployed. Few secondary bugs fixed.
    • [DEV] Added a frame in the window 'Strategies' to allow the user to edit the strategy properties without entering the code. Refactored the xml parsing of the strategy to reflect this change.
    • [DEV] New betting frame for freehand strategies.
    • [DEV] New hedge frame for open trades.
    • [DEV] New licensing process: now the Ipposnif license and the Betfair application token are issued during the first run of the program. Registration of the user to the web site is not anymore needed.
    • [DEV] From now Ipposnif is free, the expiration of the application token is set to infinite.
    • [DEV] New not mandatory form showed during the first run to collect the minimal info about the user: first name, last name, country, email.
    • [DEV] Now the log of the application is saved to the file ErrorLog.txt. New Option in the .ini to log only errors.
    • [DEV] New Option in the .ini to run the application against a staging environment.
    • [DEV] The timer of the race now shows the time elapsed since the start for in-play races. For closed markets the time shows the duration of the race plus extra time for reopened.
    • [DEV] Replaced markets navigation buttons with an improved search form.
    • [DEV] The markets search now checks also for jockeys, trainers and owners names.
    • [DEV] Added a footer to the main window to show system status.
    • [DEV] Added icons for countries and event types. Changed presence and position of several elements in the main windows.
    • [DEV] ported to .bat files the process of creating and starting the Sql2016 localDB instance.
    • [DEV] moved to the setup the 'whoami' command.
    • [DEV]: Changed the entry point for the soccer live score service.
    • [DEV]: Added the new variables @lp_win and @lp_place
    • [BUG] Live score updates only markets that are in play
    • [BUG] During startup the check of the minimum allowed version is not working
    • [BUG] The update of live score is producing deadlocks
    • [BUG] wrong profit and loss for combination "all strategies" - "all horses".
    • [BUG] liability cannot be greater than zero.
    • [BUG] wrong accounting of the trade when a bet is split during an update.
    • [BUG] the presence of a previous version of Microsoft Sql LocalDB prevents the setup completion (solved with a new dedicated instance with name 'IpposnifSql2016Instance').
    • [BUG] Export to .csv is not done accordingly to international settings of the user.
    • [BUG] Cannot log errors before log file is created.
    • [BUG] Prevention from switching between accounts is not working

    Date1 Jul 2017
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    DescriptionKeepAlive bug fixed.
    • [BUG] KeepAlive is not working after the version 1.0.835
    • [DEV] Extended the interval of the KeepAlive calls to 15 minutes.

    Date29 Jun 2017
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    DescriptionThis version is a copy of the version 1.0.835, except for the application key that now is the production one.
    • [DEV]Changed all the references from the delayed application key to the production application key.

    Date28 Jun 2017
    StatusApproved by Betfair
    DescriptionSession token is not anymore stored in the DB. Review of the exit process.
    • [BUG] The exit process is not automatically completed when user cancel the Betfair Login.
    • [DEV] Added Australian and New Zeland races to the default download configuration.
    • [DEV] Reduced the interval of the KeepAlive calls to five minutes.
    • [DEV] Added the max reset condition to the Expression Watcher.
    • [DEV] Changed some elements in Log window and in the About window.