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Scalping Lay



Trading Lay

Fixed Amount


Perform a trade on the selected horse with an entry bet of type Lay and an exit bet of type Back that hedges the current position 1 tick above the entry level.
Trades are created if the WOM (Weight Of Money) is greater than 0.72 and the gap between the best back price and the best lay price is less than 3 ticks.
The entry bet is cancelled if it remains unmatched for more than 25 seconds or if the odd drifts away for more than 4 ticks.
The second bet is placed to hedge the losses if the market is against us for more than 5 ticks.
An hedge is performed in every case 20 seconds at the start of the event.
A maximum of three markets can be active at the same time.

WOM is calculated with the following formula (where Bx and Lx are the available stake amounts for the best 5 back and lay prices):
(B1 + B2*0.5 + B3*0.25 + B4*0.12 + B5*0.06) / (B1 + B2*0.5 + B3*0.25 + B4*0.12 + B5*0.06 + (B1 + B2*0.5 + B3*0.25 + B4*0.12 + B5*0.06 + L1 + L2*0.5 + L3*0.25 + L4*0.12 + L5*0.06)
You can personalize this formula (fn_WOM) from the Ipposnif db.

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