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Manual - Trading




Fixed Amount


Perform a trade on the selected horse with an entry bet of type Back and an exit bet of type Lay that hedges the current position.
Trade can be started in two ways:
1) select a runner to place a back bet with size of 5. The price is the best back price at that moment minus 5 ticks (to increase chances to be matched).
2) click on the cell corresponding to the runner to bet of the column 'Input Back' , and insert the price and size of the first bet. There you can cancel the first bet (and the trade) pressing the button 'Cancel'.
When the first bet is fully matched a second bet of type Lay is automatically created.
Perform a trade on the selected horse with an entry bet manually placed (like Free Hand strategy) and an exit bet of opposite type that hedges the current position.
If the entry bet is not matched, it will be deleted after the amount of seconds specified in 'Entry Bet Fill Or Kill'.
The exit bet size can be of the same size of the entry bet, or it can be the hedge size if the option 'Grrening Up' is ON.
The price of the exit bet is calculated accordingly with the option selected from 'Hedge Bet Price'.
Stop loss is the amount of (negative) ticks at which the trade will be hedged at the best price.

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