Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
20 Feb 2019 - After the adoption of the new protocol TLS1.2 by Betfair (and the majority of companies) Ipposnif cannot login to Betfair when it is installed on an older version of Windows.
A new version, with a fix to this issue, is going to be released very soon.

Lay Flat



Punting Lay

Capital %


One minute at the start, this strategy lays all the runners that have been selected by the user.
The liability of each bet is 2% of the capital.
The strategy tries to place the bet at the best lay price available at that moment; if the bet remains unmatched the strategy updates the price.
The strategy stops for the rest of the day if it has won or lost more than 10.
Bets are placed only if the race is not in-play and if the overround of the market is fair enough.