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Auto Masaniello - Lay @4 6/8



Punting Lay


1 x 25 = 25

Masaniello is a progression where the goal is to get a certain number of wins on a certain number of events. The profit as well the loss is pre determined.
Ipposnif uses a simplified version of the Masaniello considering only runners with similar price (in a range).
In this case we want to get 6 losers with an odd between 3.5 and 4.1 on a total of 8 events. The chance to win is 2/3.
'Bet Unit Size' is the total amount spent in one Masaniello round. The amount of the capital is slightly greater than the amount for the round, to cover some edge cases (deduction due horse retired, dead heat, etc.).
The property 'Masaniello odd' is the price of reference for the Masaniello function, but we place bets if the runner has a price between the range (property 'Back Price Range').
The surplus is used to cover the Betfair fees.
You can change the events/wins of the progression from the properties 'Masaniello Total Events/Expected Wins'.
'Max Reset' is the number of times we want to restart the progression (when it loses as well it wins). In this case we want a maximum of 9 reset that means a total of 10 rounds.
Bets are placed two minutes at the start, only if the race is not in-play and if the overround of the market is fair enough.