Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
"...it is a fantastic piece of work & it is just so well laid out"

Ipposnif comes with one strategy ready to play, the Free Hand strategy. With it, you can place unlimited bets with the size you want.
The other strategies cover specific betting techniques, and you have to import them into Ipposnif in order to use.

Manual Strategies

Manual strategies are special strategies developed to quickly place bets in reaction of user manual commands.
You can read a description of each strategy from the links on the left.

Automatic Strategies

An automatic strategy consists of a set of criteria that defines which runners, when and how much to bet on them.
The selection of the runners can be done by the strategy following specific criteria, or manually by the user (scheduling strategies).
In trading strategies every bet is followed by another hedge bet, to short the loss or cash out the profit.

The scope of the automatic strategies provided with the program, is to show how to set up the criteria accordingly with different betting techniques. Using them, is no guarantee of profit, they are examples intended for testing and learning.


Some strategy criteria accept SQL instructions, allowing the user to define original trigger conditions and stake progressions.
There are numerous variables and functions, dedicated to the exchange betting, that can be used directly in the SQL instructions.


Ipposnif is an open system because all the betting logic and the data is contained unencrypted in the SQL Server 2016 database.
You can connect to the database and create you own variables, functions and indicators.

The variance: a good reason to use automation

The variance is the ability of the events to occur with a frequency different from what we expect from their mathematical probability.
Basically in every strategy there are phases, sometimes very long, in which the events are persistently against us.
In these phases, emotions give us a bad view on the effectiveness of the strategy, and it can be difficult to remain committed to it.
Using automation, protected under the strategy capital limit, it will be easier to give time to the strategy to show its consistency.

The R.O.I. (Return On Investment)

It is the percentage ratio between the net earnings and the total sum of risked money.
Basically it is a metric of the quality of a strategy: if it is positive you are earning money, if it is negative you are losing money.
If you have a knowledge of the sport you are going to bet on, you can use it to increase the ROI: you can exclude races or runners, that accordingly with your experience, could not fit well with the strategy you are using. If your knowledge of the sport is valuable, the positive effects will certainly be forthcoming in the mid-long period.

Betfair 'Market Base Rate' and 'Discount Rate'

Every time you get a win on a market you pay a percentage of this win to Betfair. This percentage, called "Market Base Rate", may vary from market to market and can depend also by the country of the player. On UK races for European players it is 5%.
More bets your strategy produce, more wins you get and more fees you pay. There is no compensation with losing markets.
If after some bets your strategy balance remains the same of the start, this means that your strategy is profitable but you paid all your earning in fees.
You can reduce the fee percentage using the Discount Rate provided by Betfair to the most active players. You can arrive to pay a minimum of 2% on winnings. A strategy that goes even with a fee of 5%, is a winning strategy with a fee of 2%.

Market liquidity

The liquidity of a market is given by the amount of money that has been exchanged on it, and (above all) by the amount of money that will be exchanged after the bet placement.
Each winning strategy has a maximum volume of money that can be supported by the liquidity of the markets.
Beyond this limit the market will trigger mechanisms that will exploit this excess of demand/supply in its favour.
So a strategy can work very well playing with 20€ and very bad playing with 2000€.
Do not expect to find easily the "holy grail" of the strategies, but cumulate several ones with a low return.
Ipposnif, on a quadcore PC, can run more than 100 strategies at the same time and it will be the key to achieve your goal.

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