Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
" I just downloaded Ipposnif and it looks very powerful."

Ipposnif comes with several strategies ready to play.
With the Free Hand strategy you can place bets specifying manually the properties like you can do with the Betfair website.
The other strategies cover specific betting techniques and you have to activate them in order to place bets.

Manual strategies

Manual strategies are strategies developed to place bets in reaction of user manual commands. The bet can be placed immediately after the user action (for ex. "Manual - One Click Bet"), or scheduled for the future (for ex. "Scheduling - Multiple Back").

Automatic strategies

An automatic strategy consists of a set of criteria that defines which runners, when and how much to bet on them.
The scope of the automatic strategies provided with the program, is to show how to set up the criteria accordingly with different betting techniques. Using them, is no guarantee of profit, they are examples intended for testing and learning.

Implement your strategy

Strategy criteria accepts SQL expressions, allowing the user to define original trigger conditions and stake progressions.
There are numerous variables and functions, dedicated to the exchange betting, ready to be used.
Moreover, in the Ipposnif Forum, you can find ideas for new strategies and hints about their implementation.

Customize Ipposnif

Ipposnif is an open system because all the betting logic is clear coded in the SQL Server 2016 LocalDB.
You can connect to the database and add your own variables, functions and indicators.

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