Value Is the Master

Automatic In-Play Fishing Strategies


V.I.M. is a group of six fishing strategies that you can play using Ipposnif.
The principle of these strategies is to place LAY bets, at extremely favorable prices for us, as soon as the horse races go in-play.
These bets, with 1.05€ of responsability each, are kept pending in the market only for a certain amount of seconds, that is proportional to the race distance.
The six strategies work in the same way, except for the price at which the bet is placed. VIM40 places bets at a price 40% lower than the last matched pre-race price, VIM45 places bets 45% lower, and so on.
A large number of bets is placed every day, but only a small percentage of them are matched (2.5% in average), and those ones, statistically, have a better value for us.

How to run them

First you need to set the default bet liability and the daily stop-loss/stop-win from the general Options (picture below). The default values are: 1.05 as bet liability, 5 as single strategy daily stop-loss, and 5 as single strategy daily stop-win.
These amounts are meant to be in euros/dollars/pounds, if your account has a low-value currency, you need to adjust them. The maximum daily win or loss is 6*5=30
The strategies' "Inital Capital" is set to 5000, so you can change the liability and the stops without the need to adjust the six strategies' capital.
The recommended total bankroll is 300€, and you will need to manually stop the strategies after this amount is eventually lost.
To run them, simply unzip the file I will send to you via email, and import and activate the six strategies into Ipposnif. Of course, Ipposnif will place bets only when it is running, personally I have installed it on a VPS and I keep it running 24H.
The strategies place bets on all the WIN markets that your Ipposnif instance is downloading. Personally I'm using the default configuration that downloads (and plays) markets from all over the world.

These strategies need to place and delete bets very fast. It is important that the Ipposnif instance runs smoothly and without any bottlenecks. If you are running Ipposnif on a small VPS, use "api_vps" as API Configuration (from the Options).
Especially on a VPS, when you don't need the Main Window of Ipposnif, close it because it is resource consuming.

If you need more info you can contact me on Telegram.


The following statistics are related to a 5% Commission Rate, and as you can see, the Betfair Fees play a big role in the VIM's profitability. Who can take advantage of the 2% reward offered by Betfair, like UK users, will have a much better ROI running this group of strategies.

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