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(In bold the version currently available for download)

StatusOn Development
Description  New view of the markets grouped by event. New selector for the market types. Tuning and bug fixing.
  • [DEV] The Left frame of the main window now shows the events instead of the markets; P&L, Liability and Fees are grouped by event. The different market types can be selected using a dedicated toolbar placed above the runners.
  • [DEV] Refactored the markets download options.
  • [DEV] Improved the performance of the two most called store procedures using a better log management. The speed of the whole system has been increased more than 20%.
  • [DEV] Now in the Strategy Window, the counting and the accounting of the trades is done only for settled bets.
  • [DEV] Now the score of a soccer match is saved to the trade and kept until an hard reset of the strategy.
  • [BUG] During the first setup of the Service Broker there is a wrong cast that leads to failure some installations.

Date26 Oct 2018
StatusApproved by Betfair
DescriptionThis version has been signed with Fabrizio Ranieri Comodo Sign Certificate 2018. Inverted the logic of the filtering toolbar. Added a Masaniello calculator. Few bugs fixed.
  • [DEV] Masaniello calculator at fixed odd with a maximum of 20 events.
  • [DEV] Changed the selection logic of the filters toolbar in the markets grid
  • [DEV] Moved to Innosetup script the whoami command.
  • [DEV] The log is sent to https://www.ipposnif.com in case of critical error during first run.
  • [BUG] After the import of a new strategy, if it has not been activated, it cannot be linked to a hot button
  • [BUG] In fun_tbl_HorseSelection the props favourite_by_odd and favourite_by_odd_desc are calculated on the best back price instead of last price
  • [BUG] The properties sql_expression2 and sql_expression3 cannot be edited in some strategies due missing tags
  • [BUG] The Masaniello progression reset itself repeatedly, if the last bet is partially unmatched
  • [BUG] After market status change the variables for the overround back/lay are updated with delay
  • [BUG] The Score above the runners list is not refreshed correctly

Date6 Sep 2018
StatusApproved by Betfair
DescriptionThis version includes all the changes of the 2.0.137. The live score service has been boosted and a dedicated .netcore service application has been deployed. Few secondary bugs fixed.
  • [DEV]: Changed the entry point for the soccer live score service.
  • [DEV]: Added the new variables @lp_win and @lp_place
  • [BUG] Live score updates only markets that are in play
  • [BUG] During startup the check of the minimum allowed version is not working
  • [BUG] The update of live score is producing deadlocks

Date24 Aug 2018
DescriptionThere are numerous changes in this version and they affect almost all the parts of the program. The biggest ones are: new properties layer to configure the strategies without editing the code, new license issuing process, live score service, revisited and refined most of the betting and accounting process, native json parsing of the web responses, several usability and graphical changes, new log.
  • [DEV] Added a frame in the window 'Strategies' to allow the user to edit the strategy properties without entering the code. Refactored the xml parsing of the strategy to reflect this change.
  • [DEV] New betting frame for freehand strategies.
  • [DEV] New hedge frame for open trades.
  • [DEV] New licensing process: now the Ipposnif license and the Betfair application token are issued during the first run of the program. Registration of the user to the web site is not anymore needed.
  • [DEV] From now Ipposnif is free, the expiration of the application token is set to infinite.
  • [DEV] New not mandatory form showed during the first run to collect the minimal info about the user: first name, last name, country, email.
  • [DEV] Now the log of the application is saved to the file ErrorLog.txt. New Option in the .ini to log only errors.
  • [DEV] New Option in the .ini to run the application against a staging environment.
  • [DEV] The timer of the race now shows the time elapsed since the start for in-play races. For closed markets the time shows the duration of the race plus extra time for reopened.
  • [DEV] Replaced markets navigation buttons with an improved search form.
  • [DEV] The markets search now checks also for jockeys, trainers and owners names.
  • [DEV] Added a footer to the main window to show system status.
  • [DEV] Added icons for countries and event types. Changed presence and position of several elements in the main windows.
  • [DEV] ported to .bat files the process of creating and starting the Sql2016 localDB instance.
  • [DEV] moved to the setup the 'whoami' command.
  • [BUG] wrong profit and loss for combination "all strategies" - "all horses".
  • [BUG] liability cannot be greater than zero.
  • [BUG] wrong accounting of the trade when a bet is split during an update.
  • [BUG] the presence of a previous version of Microsoft Sql LocalDB prevents the setup completion (solved with a new dedicated instance with name 'IpposnifSql2016Instance').
  • [BUG] Export to .csv is not done accordingly to international settings of the user.
  • [BUG] Cannot log errors before log file is created.
  • [BUG] Prevention from switching between accounts is not working
CompatibilityThere is no backward compatibility for the code of strategies developed with previous versions.

Date1 Jul 2017
StatusApproved by Betfair
DescriptionKeepAlive bug fixed.
  • [BUG] KeepAlive is not working after the version 1.0.835
  • [DEV] Extended the interval of the KeepAlive calls to 15 minutes.

Date29 Jun 2017
StatusApproved by Betfair
DescriptionThis version is a copy of the version 1.0.835, except for the application key that now is the production one.
  • [DEV]Changed all the references from the delayed application key to the production application key.

Date28 Jun 2017
TypeMAJOR RELEASE (delayed key)
StatusApproved by Betfair
DescriptionSession token is sent from the exe to the db without storing it. Review of the exit process.
  • BDP Requirement: session token cannot be saved or stored. Solution: the new session token, received after every login, is immediately compiled in a new clr assembly of the database. This assembly will be used until the session token expires.
  • [BUG] The exit process is not automatically completed when user cancel the Betfair Login.
  • [DEV] Added Australian and New Zeland races to the default download configuration.
  • [DEV] Reduced the interval of the KeepAlive calls to five minutes.
  • [DEV] Added the max reset condition to the Expression Watcher.
  • [DEV] Changed some elements in Log window and in the About window.

Date21 Jun 2017
TypeMAJOR RELEASE (delayed key)
DescriptionReviewed the install/uninstall process. Bug Fixes. User interface enhancements.
  • [BUG] Uninstall does not remove the Ipposnif database.
  • [BUG] If during uninstall ipposnif.exe is still running, the uninstall cannot delete it.
  • [BUG] Unmanaged error when user clicks exit after the application stops due duplicated exe istance.
  • [DEV] Enhanced focus management on the main window.

Date14 Jun 2017
TypeMAJOR RELEASE (delayed key)
DescriptionMajor and minor bugs fixed.
  • [BUG] When a manual hedge is requested on a single strategy, the hedge is always performed on all strategies.
  • [BUG] Wrong accounting of strategy 'All' when the race status is closed but not yet archived.
  • [DEV]Removed two strategies from the shared set, added a new one.
  • [DEV] Added the new strategy attribute: reset_win_level.

Date6 Jun 2017
TypeMAJOR RELEASE (delayed key)
DescriptionDelayed version. Application to Betfair software vendor license.
  • [DEV] Changed all the application key references to the delayed one.
  • [BUG] Response of the API activateApplicationSubscription is mismatched.
  • [BUG] Response of the API getVendorClientId is mismatched.
  • [BUG] Log of the trade is reset to null when manual hedge occurs.
  • [BUG] Program is not forced to exit after a new mandatory release.
  • [BUG] Not every Betfair API call is using the gzip compression.
  • [BUG] If Subscription is expired or cancelled, wrong messages are shown.
  • [DEV] Added a command to run MSSQLLocalDB istance after its installation.
  • [DEV] Prevented multiple istances of Ipposnif running on the same machine.
  • [DEV] Changed the Ipposnif license input form.

Date18 May 2017
DescriptionFirst release. Application to Betfair software vendor license.