Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
20 Feb 2019 - After the adoption of the new protocol TLS1.2 by Betfair (and the majority of companies) Ipposnif cannot login to Betfair when it is installed on an older version of Windows.
A new version, with a fix to this issue, is going to be released very soon.

Quick Start

To install Ipposnif on your pc, simply run the setup package that you can get from the download page.
During the setup you will be asked which default configuration you want to start with:
  • HORSE AND GREYHOUND RACING - The program will start downloading horse racing markets from GB IE US AU NZ ZA AE and Greyhound Racing from GB AU.
  • SOCCER - The program will start downloading the most important soccer competitions from all over the world. The competitions downloaded are covered by the Ipposnif Live Score Service.
  • NO DEFAULT SPORT - The program will start with an empty configuration, you can set up the event and market types from the program options.
After the install, from the program options, you can add/remove/combine sports, countries and market types in every moment. Please keep in mind that strategies can place bets only on markets that have been downloaded by Ipposnif.

How to run the strategies
Ipposnif comes with only one strategy already imported and ready to play, the Manual Bet strategy.
To import the other strategies, open the Strategy Window, click the Plus Button and choose the XML file of the strategy to import.
The program is shared with 24 strategies and you can find the XML files in the \Strategies subfolder.
After having imported a strategy, double-click on it to open the Configuration Frame. Here you can set up the amounts of the bets and all the other properties of the strategy. You will find also a short description of the strategy and how to configure it.
Save the changes and finally activate the strategy. Automatic strategies start betting without any other input from the user.

The program is provided with a comprehensive help. You can read here the internet version.