(decimal) Returns the value inputted in one of the eight global variables that you can edit from the options.

Input parameters:
index (integer)Id of the global variable. It can be a number between 1 and 8.

The easiest way to set up a personal progression is to enter the values of the progression steps in the global variables (from the options, max 8 values).
They must be inputted following the order of the global variable, for example @global_01=1, @global_02=1.5, @global_03=3, ...
In this example the progression has 5 steps. If the first trade is losing the progression uses the global variable 2, if two trades in a row are losing, it uses the global variable 3, and so on.
Every winning trade, the progression restarts from step 1. If the losing trades in a row are 5, the progression restarts from step 1.
The current step value is used like a multiplier, and multiplied for 1/100 of the initial capital.