Reset and Uninstall

Soft Reset
Select Markets Window -> menu Tools -> Empty Database to perform a cancel of all markets data, trades and bets. Strategies and options will be kept unchanged.

Hard Reset
Every starts Ipposnif checks for the presence of the database with name IpposnifDB210 and creates it if not present. You can change the name of the database in the file ipposnif.ini before starting Ipposnif.exe, this will create from scratch a new database with the name specified by you.

All the Ipposnif files copied during the installation will be deleted and the Ipposnif database will be dropped.
The original strategies present in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipposnif\Strategies will be deleted.
Strategies saved in this folder with a different name from the Ipposnif ones will not be deleted.
The files present in the export folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipposnif\Export will not be deleted.
SQL Server 2016 and the .NET Framework will not be automatically uninstalled.