In the final Ipposnif is a bunch of bytes you can download from the internet...what this zip does not contain, is the Home where it has been possible to develop it.
Without the presence of these persons, Ipposnif would never have been completed.

Alison Muscat
My awesome girlfriend that has strongly supported me. She is the content reviewer of all the help, website and program translations.

My family
Open minded people that have always supported my choices.

Marco Bologna
First fan and tester of Ipposnif. Big expert of the horse racing world.

Daniela Aiello
Strategies analyst and developer. Heavy user of Ipposnif.

Alessandro Terracciano
Big fan of the betting automation.

Raffaella Sinagra
Logo and colors. Supporter.

Alessia Minuto
Creator of the funny pictures of the horses.

Tips and free code providers
Last but not least all the hundreds of code tipsters from whom I have taken code and solutions.