Customize Ipposnif
Ipposnif is an open system because all the betting logic and the data is contained unencrypted in the Microsoft Sql Server 2016 local database.
Using the proper tools (like for example Microsoft SSMS), you can modify everything or add components developed by you.
The instance name you need to connect to is: (localdb)\IpposnifSql2016Instance and the default database name is IpposnifDB210
In the database there are three available modules ready to be customized from you:
  1. fun_replaceVarCustom: this scalar function is used to add new variables that you can use in the strategies.
  2. sp_MainCustom: this store procedure is run periodically depending on the Ipposnif API setting 'Main Clock' (default 600ms). It can be used to request the process of one or more asyncronous tasks.
  3. usp_ProcessorCustom: this store procedure processes asyncronous tasks (for example to retrieve data from external services).
These three db elements should be modified accordingly to the notes present in them.