System Monitor, and Other Tools
Statistics Button You can open the System Monitor clicking this button, or from the menu Tools -> System Monitor or pressing the hotkey F8.
System Monitor and the other tools will help you to monitor the performance of Ipposnif and to debug it.
System Monitor
You can open the System Monitor pressing the hotkey F8.
With Stop/Start Service you can start/stop the queuing of all internal and external processes.
Summary shows general information on the system like: status of the service, the queue of unprocessed tasks and the number of errors in the last 5 minutes, database sizes of the databases used by Ipposnif (IpposnifDB_data can never overcome the size of 10000 MB), processes performed by Ipposnif in the last minute, processing time (CPU) in ms, latency time in ms, the sum of these last two values, record count of all the tables of the Ipposnif DB, count of (betting) transactions performed in every of the last 24 hours. If this value overcomes 1000 in an hour the player is subject to fees, events log.
Tracer: is a live log of all the internal and external processes. The option Full Request Content Log will record the content of the request and the response of every external web request. You can view the content and the log of the web request with a double click on the row.
Timing: tracks the performance of every portion of the main processes.
UI Log: is the log of the User Interface (ipposnif.exe).

Database Command opens a window where you can execute queries against the database.
Compact Database will perform a shrink of the database. No data will be deleted or altered.
Reset: all markets data, trades and bets will be deleted. Strategies and options will be kept unchanged.

Horse Notes and Flags
You can import and export the horse notes and flags to an xml file.

Import Forecasts
This command is used in the integration with external forecast system via Excel file.