Statistics Button You can open the Options clicking this button, or from the menu Tools -> Options or pressing the hotkey F9.
Markets Download
This list contains the active Market Download configuration.
Ipposnif refreshes the prices and allows betting from strategies only on the Competitions/Market Types specified in the list.
To change the download configuration use the buttons add, edit and remove.
Each row of the configuration is made by one sport, one or more countries and one or more market types.
For international events use “International” like country.
Each Event Type has its own default market that must be mandatorily included.
You can mix sports and add as many market types or countries you want, but more markets you download slower will be the refresh of the odds.

Daily Stop Loss: when the amount of money lost today is greater than this value, the system stops placing bets.
Daily Stop Win: when the amount of money won today is greater than this value, the system stops placing bets.
Max Total Liability: maximum total responsibility for all the strategies.
Default Bet Size: the strategy ‘Manual Bet’ will use this value as default size of the bet.

Max Transactions Hour: when the amount of transactions (bet place or update) in the current hour is equal or greater than this value, the system stops placing/updating/hedging bets. Betfair will apply a fee for every transaction beyond 5000 per hour. The system updates the transactions count every 20 seconds, so in these 20 seconds the limit could be overtaken. You can check how many transactions your strategies are producing, from Tools -> System Monitor. Bet placed below the minimum size have a cost of 2 transactions instead of 1.
Leave Out Open Trades: if this option is checked, the Max Transactions Hour limit is not applied to the already opened trades, that can still be updated/hedged. So please mind that if this option is ON and you keep updating the trades, you could overtake the limit.

Distinct P&L By Strategy: when this option is on, the P&L, the Liability, and the Hedge buttons will be related to the strategy selected in that moment. Otherwise they show cumulative amounts. The user input is not affected by this option and remains always distinct per strategy.
Filter Trades By Mkt-Strat.: when this option is on, the bottom frame of the main window, shows only the trades of the selected Market-Strategy. Otherwise it shows all the trades of the event.
Invert BACK/LAY Frame: when this option is OFF a left click opens the BACK frame, a right click the LAY frame. When this option is ON the functionality is inverted.
Closed Market Focus: how many seconds the focus stays on a closed market.
Balance Include Liability: when this option is ON the balance shown in the main window, will include also the current liability.

Click Silk to Select Runner can speed up the check of a runner.
Horse weight in Kilograms to switch to the metrical system.
Update LP when In-Play: the column LP in the runner grid will be updated also during in play.

Database Maintaining
Shrink Hour compact DB at this hour of the day. The default is off.
Size Alert will show a popup message in the Markets Window when the db size will be greater than.
Market Expiration : races can be stored only for a certain amount of time, instead trades and bets are never canceled until the reset of the strategy.

Winning Event a sound is played when this option is ON and an event (all its markets summed together) records a total net win greater than the amount specified.
Bet Placement a sound is played every time a bet is placed.
Market Goes In-Play a sound is played every time an event goes in play.
You can changes the sounds replacing the WAV files that you can find in the program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipposnif).

API Configuration
System Clock is the heart beat of Ipposnif system. The default is 120 every minute (500 ms). Each process cannot be executed more times in a minute than this value.
Trigger clock is the interval between two checks of the active strategies conditions. Manual trigger strategies are not subjected to this delay.
Check Mkts How many markets are processed every Betting clock tick.

There are 4 categories of markets for the API configuration:
  1. Focus: The market (1) opened in the main window.
  2. In-Play: all the markets currently in play.
  3. Proximity: all the markets of events that are going to start. You can specify this time frame with the option Market proximity.
  4. Full loop: all the other markets.

These categories are split in two groups:

  • Best 5 Prices: prices are refreshed with a depth of 5.
  • Full prices+Volume: prices and volumes are fully downloaded.

Every request (except focus) can retrieve the prices of more markets at one time (Markets x Request).
In-Play Exclusive Focus: when this option is ON and the focused market is in-play, all the API calls, not related to betting, are suspended.

CheckBetMU: max refresh per minute of the open bets.
Bets to check x request: max bets to check every request.
Max CheckBet x min: How many checks for bet cancelled, settled or voided.
getMeetings x min: How many getMeetings API requests are processed every minute. getMeetings search for new markets.
getMarket x min: How many getMarket API requests are processed every minute. getMarket gets the markets not yet downloaded and periodically refreshes the existing ones.
GetAccountFunds x min: How many refresh per minute of the player balance.
Request timeout: Timeout in milliseconds for the request.
Response timeout: Timeout in milliseconds for the response.
Datatable refresh rates: Interval between two refresh of the grids in the windows of the program. They affect only the screen visualization and not the refresh of the data itself.

Global Variables
Globals are constants that can contain a decimal number. You can retrieve them from your strategies using the variables @global_01 -> @global_08 or using the function dbo.fn_Global
These values are the same for all the strategies, and they can be used, eventually, to define a centralized multiplier for the size of the bets.
External Services
These fields can be used to integrate Ipposnif with external services, like for example score services or tips services.
You can find these values in 4 records ('servicea_key', 'servicea_refresh', 'serviceb_key', 'serviceb_refresh') in the table [tbl_SysCfg] of the Ipposnif DB.