Strategies - Star This button opens the Strategies Window where you can manage your strategies.
Ipposnif comes with only one strategy already imported and ready to play: the Free Hand strategy. With this strategy you can place back or lay bets in the number you want, it is a resident strategy and cannot be deleted.
To import the other strategies provided with the program, right click on the strategy window, select "Add New Strategy" and choose the file of the strategy you want to import.
All the strategies, except the manual ones, have the same structure and they differ only for the configuration of the parameters.
You can create your own strategy from a clone of an existing one or importing the strategy "-- New Empty Strategy --", that is basically a strategy without any configured parameter. Remember to activate the imported strategies in order to place bets.
To configure a strategy double click on the correspondent row in the strategy grid, and use the configuration panel.

Strategy Grid
The strategies grid has the following columns:
Active: enable/disable the strategy.
ID: Ipposnif unique identifier of the strategy.
Strategy name: name of the strategy.
Net P&L: net profit and loss of the strategy, including the P&L of the previous reset strategies.
Liability: the current liability of the strategy.
Td Net P&L: today net profit of the strategy.
Last Net P&L: net profit and loss of the strategy since the last reset.
Fees: the sum of all fees paid in the strategy.
Fees Last: the sum of all fees paid in the strategy since the last reset.
Investment: the sum of all the amounts of money risked (maximum liability) in all the trades of the strategy.
R.O.I.: return on investment of the strategy, including all the resets of the strategy.
Trades: [tot] xx/yy x/y where
  • [tot]=total created trades, including deleted, lapsed and voided ones.
  • xx=total matched trades.
  • yy=total winning trades.
  • x=total matched trades since the last reset.
  • y=total winning trades since the last reset.

Reset: x/y where x=total resets performed. y=maximum number of resets.
Avg price: the average price of all matched bets.
Winning trades in a row: winning trades in a row since the last reset.
Losing trades in a row: losing trades in a row since the last reset.
Winning reset in a row: the count of consecutive reset with a capital greater than the starting capital.
Losing reset in a row: the count of consecutive reset with a capital lower than the starting capital.
Last trade: datestamp of the last trade.
Status: shows if there are issues with the strategy.

Context Menu
Right-click on a strategy to open the context menu, from where you can manage the selected strategy. Only one strategy at one time can be managed.
Add New Strategy: create a new strategy from a file. The default folder contains all the strategies shared with the program. 'Manual' are special strategies developed for specific betting situations. You can read a description before importing the strategy from the Ipposnif website. Edit: open the Configuration Panel (next paragraph) where you can configure the properties of the strategy.
Clone: creates an exact copy of the selected strategy.
Save To: save the strategy configuration to an XML file.
Reset: There are two level of strategy reset:
  • Soft Reset: the strategy restarts funding a new capital. All the trades previously created are kept and accounted separately.
  • Hard Reset: all the trades of the strategy are canceled and it restarts from scratch.
Stop & Hedge: disable the strategy and perform an hedge of all open trades.
Delete: to cancel the strategy.
Statistics: opens the Statistic Window for this strategy.
Trades: opens the Trades Window for this strategy.
Grid: to customize font and size of the grid.