Intro to Ipposnif

Ipposnif is a software for processing betting strategies

The program is made up of two integrated elements:

  • An interface where you can have a visual breakdown of Betfair events, markets, bets, statistics, and configure the strategies.
    A strategy consists of a set of criteria that defines which runners, when and how much to bet on them.
    If you need a replacement of the Betfair website, you can enjoy just using one of the strategies shared with the program, the Free Hand strategy.
  • A SQL rule engine that processes all the manual and automatic strategies' criteria and calculates the bets' price and size.
    The user defines the strategies' criteria using SQL Expressions. SQL is a low-level compiled language, it is extremely fast and you can run dozens of strategies with a normal PC.

One Common Template

All the strategies, manual and automatic, share the same template. The manual strategies require input from the user to place bets, the automatic ones follow a set of predefined rules.

Lot of Examples

A large set of strategies, shared with the program, will show you real working examples, and make the learning curve smooth. They have been tested in all the scenarios, and they are a smart start for developing new ones.

Capital Protection

Each strategy has an allocated amount of money, called “Initial Capital”, that can never be overcome. When the capital is finished the strategy can be instructed to reset itself and restart with new capital. The strategy knows the current profit&loss, and the historical profit&loss (before the last reset), allowing adaptive accumulator progressions, and dynamic stop-loss/stop-win limits.


Ipposnif uses the concept of 'trade' as a container for bets: each time a strategy places a bet, it creates a container for it.
Depending by the strategy type, a trade can contain from a minimum of one bet (betting strategies) to a maximum of 20 bets (trading strategies).
With a trade-specific accounting, the strategy always knows the profit&loss of each trade and can act accordingly to it, for example, greening up the position.

Easily Programmable

Numerous ready-to-use variables and functions, dedicated to the Betfair Exchange Betting, will speed-up the development of a new strategy. If the variable or function you need is missing, you can ask for an estimation or add it yourself.