Intro to Ipposnif

software for processing betting strategies

Ipposnif offers an intuitive interface for easy management and analysis of Betfair markets and bets, as well as a powerful betting processor that enables advanced betting strategies.
The platform boasts 39 ready-to-play strategies, each with unique criteria for selecting runners and determining betting amounts and timing. For those seeking a replacement for the Betfair website, the Free Hand strategy is available.

Create New Strategies

For those looking to create and run their own strategies, Ipposnif also functions as an extensive development environment.
All the strategies, manual and automatic, share the same template. The manual strategies require user input for bet placement, while the automatic strategies follow pre-defined rules.
The user defines the strategies' criteria using SQL Expressions. SQL is a low-level compiled language, it is extremely fast and you can run tens of strategies with a normal PC.
There are numerous variables and functions, dedicated to the Betfair Exchange betting, that you can use to create new strategies. If the variable or function you need is missing, you can add it yourself or ask for an estimation.

Capital Protection

Ipposnif provides a dedicated accounting system for each strategy to prevent exceeding allocated bankrolls, while also ensuring capital protection through Global Liability and Stop Loss/Win daily limits.