Ipposnif : Betfair Horse Racing Betting Automation
"Wow! Such a great piece of software..."

Less than 1% of the Ipposnif users make a donation, so if you haven’t done one yet, don’t worry you are in good company!
If you don’t wish to donate money, you could write a positive review of the program on your favorite forum or social media.
In the end, sincerely thank you for using Ipposnif, this is the most important and gratifying thing for me.

You can also make a donation with a transfer to the following cryptocurrency addresses:

Bitcoin (BTC):   1Exhf3sbXhsvYRrJ7xUbr6uBg2RPSUA5LX

Litecoin (LTC):   LZYP7gsm6zYmcnphiyks8HrKXBQcTafmy3


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